James Bond meet Harrison Court-006


Harrison Court-006 a black-ops spy emerges once again to delve into the dangerous world of espionage in the spy thriller sequel SPIES AMONG US from the Harrison Court-006 Saga.

The villain is an ex-CIA agent gone rogue. The pool bar SpyGirl is his accomplice in kidnapping the protagonist’s girlfriend and overpowering his FBI associate. The succession of events collide at the prestigious Splendide Royal Hotel in Rome with climatic intrigue revealing a den of spies among us. When the protagonist realizes that his girlfriend has been abducted, a high speed car chase ensues through the streets of Rome. The onslaught of gunfire unravels the real plot at hand taking the black-ops spy to a Stars Wars-like super weapon reality into a dimension of uncertainty, chaos, and mayhem that potentially alters the course of history.

The highly acclaimed spy thriller Spies Among Us has been compared to James Bond and Jason Bourne. Roth has created a thriller that takes you on a breath-taking ride with non-stop action. The charming, sleek Harrison Court-006 leads the story with incredible grace and adventure-author Kay Zen of Author’s Society.

Author Fran Lewis of Published Authors declares Harrison Court as every woman’s hero and every foe’s nightmare in an ending so bone chilling that not even Patterson or Berry’s novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth.

Since Bond movies has been put off indefinitely (Reuters-4/19/10), the time has come for new a American spy-hero Harrison Court-006 to amaze audiences worldwide for an action packed, explosive, spy-thriller adventure on the silver screen adapted from Kensington Roth’s spy novel Spies Among Us.

The Harrison Court Saga opens in Hong Kong for a clandestine meeting between Court and his Chinese counterpart Ying. The story’s intriguing espionage crisscrosses the globe from Hong Kong, Rome, Washington DC, China, Maryland, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, Afghanistan to Chicago.

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

The Spies Among Us film project is in development for film production targeting moviegoers worldwide. Bond fans alike can expect knock out sexy, seductive SpyGirls; a hi-speed, perilous car chase; exotic locations; and espionage at its best.

EXCERPT from Chapter 1

Gravvox Spy Satellite

From outer space the spy satellite disengages its laser on this American suburban household, as the TEST of Gravvox’s destructive fire power has concluded. The laser’s disengagement creates a sensitizing, bursting, spherical-shaped flash traveling almost forever in space. The effects of the laser burning out causes a phenomenal, geomagnetic interference with Earth’s ATMOSPHERE.

Look for the debut launching of the “BLACK-OPS SPYGIRLS” VIDEO GAME: Kids and young adults will declare that “Harrison Court-006 and his SpyGirls” is a must for their collection. 006 and his sexy, seductive SpyGirls MISSONG and VOLACE battle their international enemies crisscrossing the globe to exotic locations to save the world from Gravvox a super destructive gravity weapon.

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The Spies Among Us film project is in development for production, and the SpyGirl Missong character opposite Harrison Court-006 has been discussed in great length. The producers want to know what you the viewers think. Please CAST YOUR VOTE below:

Who will play SpyGirl MISSONG?


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Espionage is his Game!

Harrison Court-006 is every woman’s hero and every foe’s nightmare.

He knows no boundaries only enemies and eliminates his assigned target.

Espionage is his game.

Harrison Court-006 the man for the mission a highly trained black-ops spy with a license to kill,

A man of many disguises conquers his enemies,

Ventures to exotic locations and encounters sexy, alluring women.

Special effects abound in the threat of super-weapons, high-speed car-chases, and B-52 bombers landing two thousand pound bombs–Author Sheila Deeth

Splendide Royal Hotel Terrace

The Spies Among Us film project is in development for production. Who do you think can breathe life into the stunning, Italian SpyGirl VOLACE opposite DASAGE? The producers want to know. Please CAST YOUR VOTE below:

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